How To Fix Wireless network issue In Canon Printer?

Every printer must support the Air-print facility in order to connect your printer's wireless to a broad range of devices. If you are an Canon printer offline user, you are blessed as it offers the best wireless connection feature. But when even after numerous efforts you failed to connect your printer with any device other than your computer, it becomes the most annoying moment.


There could be frequent connection drops, slow or unstable connection or several other network errors which need instantaneous recovery. In this blog, you can get help to resolve the issues related to Wireless network. Canon Printer Support Number

Use Canon recovery manager to reinstall drivers:

  • In the case you have connected the printer to a computer with an external USB drive, unplug it and restart your computer. 
  • Go to the recovery manager after clicking on the Start button.
  • Click yes on the User account control.
  • Now, select Hardware Driver Installation then Next.
  • From the list of drivers, you need to select the name of your computer’s wireless adapter.
  • It will take a while to get the drivers installed.
  • Restart your system if required.
  • Now try to connect your printer with Wi-Fi

Reset the hardware:

Sometimes, the non-functioning hardware can cause trouble while connecting your printer with Wi-Fi

  • Turn off your computer.
  • Unplug the source of the network is it a router, wireless gateway or modem.
  • Now let the router or modem reboot and then plug the power cord.
  • Check the functioning of your broadband modem and if shows any error, check troubleshoot it first.
  • Start your computing device, and let it get open.
  • Now let the Windows connect with your wireless connection of internet or click on the icon of Network to connect it with the Wi-Fi.
  • Click connect and enter a password if any. 

Restore Microsoft System:

Uses can restore the Microsoft if their device was previously working well on a wireless connection, but started showing problem suddenly. Restore the system file to the date when wireless network was supported by your device.

The Ultimate Solution:

If your issue lingers even after performing all the given methods, it’s time to walk towards the experts. Dial Canon Printer Setup Support Service to make sure your device responses properly while connected to Wi-Fi or another wireless network. The experts will configure the required settings or fix the issues which were hindering the connection and this will make the things seamlessly like before.

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